The Top10CST Open Forum will be organized with a series of events/outputs that are divided into four stages:

  • Collection of Comments and Volunteers: January 1 ~ February 29 During this period, we would solicit comments and volunteers. You are mostly welcome to submit your comments and discussions on how to run the forum.  Your input will be very relevant to improve the forum. In addition, the success of the Top10CST Open Forum will greatly depend on your participation and voluntary work as well as your suggestions and proposals. Hence, besides calling for Top10CST, we also sincerely call for your support and for you to join the special event. If you have any comments/suggestions or are interested in becoming a committee member, please feel free to send an email (with a biography when applying for a committee member) at
  • Challenge Collection Stage: March 1 ~ June 30 At this stage, we solicit proposals about the most important emergent issues from colleagues around the world. No matter what your background or your viewpoint is, you are welcome to submit proposals via the submit page on the Top10CST website or by sending email to The contents of the email are expected to consist of title and brief description of the proposed issues, your name, email address and affiliation.
  • Challenge Selection Stage: July 1 ~ July 20 A list of all submitted proposals will be posted on the Top10CST website for open selection. The selection will be cast by two groups of people, the public/crowd, i.e., people like you, and the Top10CST TC members. Each person can select for up to 10 challenges via the website.
  • Forum Panel Stage: August 10 ~ August 11 A Top10CST open forum panel will be held together with the 2016 Cyber Science and Technology Congress (CyberSciTech 2016). The two sets of top 10 issues selected by the public/crowd and the Top10CST TC members will be first announced by the Top10CST committees. Next, invited Top10CST keynotes speakers will give their comments or own ideas on the top 10 issues. Afterwards, the forum will hold open discussions. The proposers of and selectors for the top 10 issues will be given awards.
  • Challenge Report Stage: August 13 The Top10CST committee will come up with a final Top10CST summary report about the top 10 selected results, keynote statements, audience comments, and other data including a complete list of the proposals collected, their total selections, statistical data, etc. The report will be posted on the Top10CST website for open access. A review of the Top10CST including selected top 10 selections is going to be published in the Special Section on  Emergent Issues for Cyber Science and Technology in IEEE Access (to be confirmed).