The Open Forum on Top10CST: Top Ten CyberSciTech Emergent Issues

Auckland - NewZealand

August 8-12, 2016, Auckland, New Zealand

Based on computerization and informatization, we have now moved into an era of Cyberization. In this era, a new digital space, usually called cyberspace, has emerged and is being integrated seamlessly with conventional physical, social and mental spaces. Cyberspace has become an essential part of our daily life, from work to people’s private spheres, from learning to entertainment environments, and from business to cultural activities. Many new critical issues are emerging in many different combinations or variations due to this revolutionary change, thereby bringing a series of unparalleled challenges and new issues to societies across the planet. To tackle and solve these continuously emerging issues, we must establish new sciences of cyberspace as well as cyber-physical, cyber-social and cyber-mental integrations.

These new sciences are set to be the next important stage in human history. We have to be aware of the essential challenges and crucial emergent issues affecting the establishment of such truly sciences that will likely benefit humanity and can bring a new wave of positive changes to our lives.

It is therefore time to foresee future trends and identify what the grand challenges and evolving issues for sciences of cyberspace as well as cyber-physical, cyber-social and cyber-mental integrations will be.

A single person cannot foresee all the emergent issues, but the intelligence exists in the wisdom of the crowd to achieve this through collective effort. Therefore, the Top10CST open forum is trying to offer a common platform to enable us to work together to identity the most important emergent issues for the sciences of cyberspace. In doing so, we hope to establish some directions of this increasingly important research domain. We welcome you to submit any issues you identify and to also participate in the selection of the most important ones at a later stage. We believe that coming up with solutions to these emerging problems and issues will facilitate the development of sciences of cyberspace further.


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