How does "online" impact and shape human community? [description]

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Top10CST Staff asked 2 years ago
Online economy which includes all forms of e-commerce, i.e. b2b, b2c, c2c and so on. Any economy activity that happens in the Internet environment, we can consider them some kind of online economy. As these activities grow, it has larger and larger impact on the whole body of economy. The common perception is that the e-commerce eliminates or at least reduces intermediate links between businesses and their customers. In the early stage of such development, it manifests various promising aspects, such as efficiency and cost-reduction. Nevertheless, there are arguments on how online economy hurts the entity economy in long run. The booming of online economy results hundreds of thousands of small-medium size retail enterprises closing down. It may potentially cause high percentage of unemployment rate. Is it a good thing? Online learning Previous e-learning, current MOOC is become more and more prevalent. New concept of learning is also developed. Some of the MOOC service providers, e.g. courser, start to offer microdegrees to learners, which potentially upend the traditional way of teaching and learning. Even in conventional way of education looks into possible methods that utilise the online technology. Blended learning is the result of such endeavour. Some research predict that the conventional way of teaching may eventually shift to online form, yet is education is only about learning? How about campus experiences which develop other skills that a student has? Besides, economy and education, there are many other field and domain that “online”, i.e. Internet affects us. The issue is the ultimate results are good or bad, or become overkill.